Case Study: Philadelphia Residence

Brewerytown, Penn. was once a rough-looking neighborhood whose appearance did not reflect the heart of the people that called it home.

With the hopes of bringing new life to his community, one member has been dedicated to rebuilding row houses in this Philadelphia borough.

His first project included adding a third story and rooftop patio to a row house. He started by using Millennium Forms closeout tile to create a calming, blue-grey façade to the front of the home.

Closeout material used: Zalmag Pre-Patina II Tiles

The owner then added a wall of varied colored stainless steel tiles that enhance the vibrant theme of the community garden, featuring a beautiful floral mural, that sits next to the house.

Colored Stainless Steel Tiles

The finished project was so admired by the builder that he and his family decided to move in themselves. From his brilliant new home, he continues to spread joy and make an impact in this part of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Residence


Philadelphia Private Residence