Case Study: The Gold Cabin

Another gold rush happened in the beautiful state of Minnesota! On the lakeside façade of a cozy cabin, there, our TiNi Imperial Gold Diamond Tiles are featured! The owner was looking to add more color to their closed-in porch. They discovered our Closeout section had all the choices they could desire and opted for Large Cupped Tiles in natural stainless steel and TiNi Imperial Gold Diamond Tiles.  


TiNi Imperial Gold stainless steel gives the appearance of real gold, but with the strength and longevity of stainless steel; and by choosing from our Closeout inventory, this “gold” came at a more affordable rate than real gold cladding. How handsome it looks with the dark red siding, facing the lake!

One cannot help but revere the watery reflection of a serene setting sun and autumn trees in the gold tiles. It seems to be the perfect brilliant addition to this property.